Our annual Christmas greeting and look back on the year. 

This year brought all kinds of changes to the world and our family.  We are fortunate to say 2020 was kind to us and our family grew with the addition of our son-in-law Benedikt.  

We kept our travel pace in 2020, we just changed where we were going to where it was possible to go. 

Sarah and Benedikt were married in May.  They sacrificed all the big wedding plans to go ahead and move forward with their lives together.  They are currently living and working in the States. 


Don IV just secured his commercial pilot license as well as his AirFrame and PowerPlant Certifications.   He is working for Rich Aviation and also a flight maintenance company at Meachum Airport. 

Danae had a successful year in real estate and I enjoyed moving through the challenges of 2020 with my colleagues at The Boenker Group.  

This will be our last year of sharing our annual trips.  As our kids were growing up we shared our travels to encourage families to open the minds of their children with the gift of experiences. We'll try something new in 2021 since our family is now grown and chasing their own adventures. 

We hope this finds you and yours well.  May joy be found in your home this next year. 

Merry Christmas, 

Don and Danae Owens