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Chuck Brinkman and My First Break

Little is accomplished in this life without the help of others. My career really began at 19 years old when I walked into the halls of 98.7 KLUV in Dallas.

In the spring of 1989 I had visited just about every radio station in the Dallas Fort Worth area looking for an internship. None of the offerings were paid and if you wanted to be considered for an internship you had to get school credit. The University of Texas at Arlington would not permit me with a 2.9 GPA to get credit. This is why I will never send them a dime as an alumni.

My girlfriend, now wife, Danae found a flyer posted that said KLUV was looking for an intern. I hated the idea and had not gone to KLUV because the format was "Oldies Music". She said I should go wherever I could get the gig. And so at her prodding I set up an interview with Program Director, Chuck Brinkman.

I arrived wearing a suit and tie and was ushered back for the interview. When I walked in the office there was a tall man with his tie loose and no jacket. He looked a bit disheveled.