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If You Lead – You’re Going to Bleed

The world of instant messaging is tough to live in as a leader. The second you execute a plan within your organization the news spreads fast. Clients, vendors, employees, former employees, analysts, and if you are large enough even news outlets create a story that is seldom connected to the reality of your decision making.

New to management and leadership? This will be foretelling. Long time leader? You’ll understand.

If you are leading your department or organization, you will simply end up with enemies even if you are leading well. While you should always permit your leadership decisions and methods to be questioned, you must realize there will be an unbalanced amount of negativity coming back your way.

People you terminate are going to dislike you. Seldom do they come back and thank you for helping them move on to other opportunities or share their reflective self-discovery after the event. They will forever spend their lunch meetings attempting to mutilate your character. Nor are your