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A Packraft is Expanding My World

I finished my meeting with a reinsurance partner in Keene, New Hampshire and was headed back to my hotel in Manchester. The end of June provided plenty of sunlight for the drive back and I must have passed half a dozen vehicles with kayaks on top. To my left and right I saw lakes and streams just begging to be paddled, but there was no way for me to take my Dagger kayak on a business trip. Much like countless other business and leisure trips, I was left with a longing to be on the water and no kayak available.

Things changed for me in 2016 on a back country trip into the Wrangell St. Elias National Park when one of our guides, Taylor of ennicott Wilderness Guides, pulled a packraft out of his backpack after we had hiked up to Ross Green Lake. Taylor introduced me to my solution.