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Best National Parks and When to Go

I love that our country cares about conserving land for the simple pleasure of taking in the view. C.S. Lewis said it best when he stated that we don't merely want to look at nature, we want to merge with it. Our national park system offers the best views and experiences in America. Disney World is a fabricated cement farm, but Zion is cosmic mind blower.

I've enjoyed each park we visited, but there are some incredibly unique. Here are my top ten national parks and when I think it is best to visit them.

1. Yosemite National Park

The photo below is my son descending the cables from Half Dome. The valley of the park is always packed with people, but there are numerous hikes to get you out of the crowds - you'll have to work for them. Ascents such as Half Dome and Glacier are limited to summer and fall months. There is access in the winter to the ridges with the proper snow chains. I recommend Yosemite in the late winter just before the school spring breaks start to take place. The first week or two of March is perfect. Be prepared for winter weather, but the park without the mass of humanity.