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Defining the Good

The modern employee is less concerned with the accomplishment of an objective“good” and more concerned with self-fulfillment in the short term. This short-term fulfillment becomes defined as the good. Ultimately, that which makes the employee happy is considered, “good”. Developing a company of selfless individuals is the responsibility of each of us. We must define what is “good” and we must reflect in our actions what the process of achieving “good” looks like.

“The complacent man is, in a manner of speaking, a slave to what pleases him, in the sense that he has trouble stepping back from what pleases him and examining it with a critical eye,” writes French philosopher Chantal Delsol in her book, “Icarus Fallen”. While her book does not focus on labor and the meaning and purpose of our work, we may compare this area of life to her bigger ideas.